The Best Brands Win. Every Time.

The best brands are equal parts beauty, brains and brawn. They catch your eye, but they also win hearts and minds. And that wins business.

Technology is serious business. But cracking the emotional code with buyers isn’t just the work of consumer brands.

Strong B2B branding that fires on all cylinders—inspired design, backed by data and consistently integrated across everything you do—differentiates, creates connection and drives action.


Sometimes what got you to where you are today won’t take you where you want to go next. We help breathe new life into tired brands—shedding what’s weighing yours down—and reigniting your story to fuel upward growth.

Why Our Clients Come to Us


“We’re getting lost in a sea of competitors. We need to differentiate and stand out.”


“A lot has changed since we started, and our brand doesn’t reflect that.”


“We acquired another company and have to integrate the brands into one.”

Evolution or Revolution, Rebranding Done Right

A successful re-brand can be the necessary spark that fuels next-level growth. But rebranding is more than a vanity effort, it should be part of a thoughtful, integrated strategy.

Our brand-building team of designers, writers and strategists have decades of experience creating full identity systems and comprehensive brand standards. Yes, we’ve done this before, but you’ll never get cookie-cutter results.

When you trust us with your rebrand, we’ll ask the right questions and once we agree on where things stand now, we’ll take your brand where it needs to go next.

Our Approach

We help you tell your latest brand story with a proven, three-step approach that begins with immersive, thoughtful research. This is where we dig in, dive deep and you tell all. But don’t worry, we’re professionals. We’ll use it for good. Here’s how:

Discovery + Research

This is where we begin with a discovery deep dive into your product, services, team, audiences, competitors and industry. We’ll use one-on-one interviews, audits, surveys and elbow grease.

Brand Identity + Experience Development

We’ll take what we learn and develop a brand guide. This is your complete brand DNA, including your visual identity, plus voice and messaging guidelines. It’s your brand’s heart, mind and spirit—the magical transformation from what your audience sees and hears into what it feels about you.

Brand Alignment

This is where the magic really happens. We’ll take your rebrand and weave it into everything you do, across all your marketing platforms, content, sales collateral and communications. We’ll also help you ring in the new branding with an internal and external stakeholder rollout so everyone’s singing in perfect harmony.

"The Thaynes team was the driving factor in reviving our lead gen efforts. As a sales leader, getting quality leads is my top priority and I've been able to count on Thaynes' expertise to help me increase lead flow and fill our pipeline. They really are a critical part of our organization."
Betsy Williams
Vice President, Sales

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Visual Identity

They call it visual identity. We consider it emotional identity. When colors, fonts, images, icons and logos come together to evoke a look and a feeling, then you’ve arrived at good branding. We’ll help get you there.

Why Our Clients Come to Us


“Our logo is outdated.”


“The graphics and designs we use in presentations are inconsistent.”


“I want to update the colors we use.”

A Rationale Behind Every Color, Font, Image, Icon and Logo

Your visual identity gets to the heart of how your brand communicates to the world. Who are you? What do you stand for? Why should people care?

Yes, good design looks good. But when there’s a good reason for every design decision, that’s smart branding. We create visual identities that are backed by data and thoughtful strategy. The result: creative that resonates and drives action.

Our Approach

Before we design a single logo, choose fonts and colors, or consider images and iconography, we run through a design sprint with key stakeholders to define your values, mission, vision and purpose. Who do you want to reach? What do you want to say? How do you want them to feel? This is the data—the foundation—of a strong visual identity.


We’ll huddle with stakeholders to understand who you are. Your visual identity should amplify your overall brand narrative so people want to learn more and follow along with the story you’re telling.


We’ll use what we learn in discovery to design your visual identity. This is when our creatives get fired up, but every design decision made is informed by data and research. It’s where beauty and brains live happily ever after.

Iterate + Approve

We’ll present our concepts, get your feedback. Iterate. Repeat. Once we’ve nailed it, we’ll put it to work.

Brand Guide + Asset Library

Once final, we’ll deliver a brand guide with all the components of your visual identity to ensure consistency and integrity. It will include guidelines on usage for your team. We’ll also help you set up an easy-to-access library of all assets to make it easy for everyone to carry the brand torch.

"Thaynes Marketing has been pivotal in helping our team successfully take a new product to market. They excel at removing the silos between sales and marketing and work as part of the team to help our business grow"
Brandon Taylor
Head of Sales
Reveal Energy Services

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Messaging and positioning are your brand narrative. They weave a compelling and accurate story, starting with the problems your customers face, guiding them to your solution and ending with the results you deliver. Told well, people get you and want to be part of the story.

Why Our Clients Come to Us


“Our team is inconsistent in how we talk and write about our products.”


“Our sales team creates a lot of stuff on their own and add their own spin.”


“Prospects don’t see our uniqueness because we sound just like our competitors.”

Tell a Story That Connects

Messaging and positioning are your brand narrative. They tell the story that gets the attention of the right people and inspires them to look closer, to take action.

Through a systematic, time-tested approach, our team of veteran brand strategists and writers helps you conceive, write and tell a brand story that inspires strong, genuine and lasting connections with your audiences.

Our Approach

Enduring brands use messaging and positioning to create connections. And you’ve got to be consistent, wherever and whenever you tell your story. Here’s how we help you do that.


This is when we dig in and get personal. We’ll inventory what you have. Then, we’ll huddle with your key stakeholders for a workshop on your goals, ambitions and where you want to go.


We’ll use what we learn in discovery and craft a messaging document. Depending on your needs, it will include your mission, vision and purpose, key messages (general and persona-based) and elevator pitch. Then, we’ll iterate on it together and once approved, incorporate it into your complete brand guide with your visual identity.


Once your messaging and positioning is fully defined, We’ll work with you on how to share your story. This includes how to introduce it to your internal and external audiences.

"Thaynes Marketing was an integral partner in developing our go-to-market strategy. Equal parts strategic thinking and execution-oriented, their thought leadership and deep go-to-market acumen helped set our company on a path to growth."
Conrado Vina
EVX Software

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