How We Help Technology Companies Grow.

Our insider approach applies decades of experience as sales and marketing leaders at Fortune 50 and category-disrupting, start-up technology companies and adapts it to our clients’ unique growth goals. Whether we’re working on one targeted project or your fully integrated marketing strategy and programs, we start with efficient onboarding and quickly get to work delivering value. 

The approach is straightforward and proven: Fearless innovation backed by actionable data delivers clear return on investment.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is your long game. A go-to-market strategy, acquisition and campaign strategy, and goal setting and performance measurement build the foundation for effective execution of all your marketing programs—and keep them aligned with sales goals. With data-backed insights, we’ll coach you through the customer lifecycle—from prospect to loyal advocate, and every play in between.


Getting branding right takes a winning look and feel but uses data to win hearts and minds. Our branding services do that with visual identity, messaging and positioning, and re-branding that’s beautiful and smart.

Sales Enablement

We call it sales enablement, but we consider it sales conversion. Our services include thoughtful email campaigns that nurture sales opportunities, lead scoring to keep salespeople focused on efforts that build pipeline, and creative sales collateral that goes beyond the traditional sell sheet. Objective reporting and transparent analytics keep everyone honest and on track.

Demand Generation

You don’t need to be sold on demand gen. You need demand gen that sells. Clients choose us—and stay with us—for lead acquisition and inbound marketing programs that generate the kind of leads sales teams are hungry for. Because growth comes from marketing outcomes, not inputs.

Digital Marketing

With data as the North Star, our messages and campaigns deliver leads that sales teams get excited about, website traffic from the right people and brand visibility that moves the needle. That means content marketing, email campaigns, website design and optimization, and social media management that doesn’t just get done, it gets results.

Clients We've Worked With

Melissa Anthony
"As previous 'insiders' the Thaynes Marketing team was able to quickly grasp my business strategy, while immediately helping to reduce the marketing load on my team. Managing a fast growing business, I needed a team I could trust to jump in and get the job done right."
Melissa Anthony, Founder & CEO

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