Content Marketing for B2B Technology Companies

Learn how Thaynes Marketing is helping disruptive B2B technology companies grow through tailored content marketing services.

B2B Content Marketing Services that Drive Growth

At Thaynes, we're dedicated to empowering growing B2B companies with a robust content marketing strategy that expands brand awareness and drives powerful demand generation activities.

Content Marketing Gameplanning

Unlock sustainable business growth through our meticulously crafted long-term content marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategy Services

SEO-Optimized Content Strategies

Improve your online visibility and organic reach with our SEO-centric content marketing services, designed to boost your search rankings, attract qualified traffic, and enhance overall lead generation.

Inbound Marketing Services

Thought Leadership Content for Brand Awareness

Establish your B2B tech company as an industry authority and influencer through our thoughtfully crafted content marketing campaigns, enabling you to engage your target audience, build trust, and drive brand awareness and demand generation to new heights.

Lead Generation Services

Get Better Quality Leads

Experience the impact of compelling marketing content that motivates your target audience to take action.

Project Based Services

Our Clients

Our Approach

Our job is to make content marketing work for you. A commitment to creativity and a dedication to data are not mutually exclusive. In fact, it’s the secret formula, the no-fail accelerator for growth.

After decades inside successful sales and marketing organizations, we’re now the marketing insiders reinforcing our clients’ internal resources for the laser-focused purpose of growing business.

“Working with Thaynes has allowed us to continue to run the company the way we want, with the customers that we want to work with and scale to a level that we couldn't before.”

Jake Loveless


"The Thaynes team was the driving factor in reviving our lead gen efforts. As a sales leader, getting quality leads is my top priority and I've been able to count on Thaynes' expertise to help me increase lead flow and fill our pipeline. They really are a critical part of our organization."

Betsy Williams

Vice President, Sales

"The strength of this group is in both planning and execution - with strategic vision, project management, and strong work ethic. The Thaynes team brings a full range of marketing skills to the table that will absolutely make any project successful!"

Meredith Russell

Director of Marketing

"As previous 'insiders' the Thaynes Marketing team was able to quickly grasp my business strategy, while immediately helping to reduce the marketing load on my team. Managing a fast growing business, I needed a team I could trust to jump in and get the job done right."

Melissa Anthony

Founder & CEO

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