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And inside successful organizations is a place we're accustomed to being.

Our Team

We’re an agency of insiders, with decades of experience running high-performing sales and marketing organizations for companies ranging from Fortune 50s to scrappy startups disrupting the status quo. Since 2018, we’ve been applying the proven approaches, grit and infectious spirit we did as corporate leaders to a rapidly expanding roster of clients. Call us your marketing agency or expert consultants, but we think of ourselves as members of the team, just working remotely.

Ashley Decker
CEO and Cofounder

Ashley is our eternal optimist, fearless leader and head dog lover. She's most likely to start a marketing agency because, well, that's how she rolls.


James Decker
COO and Cofounder

James has done it all - from executive at a Fortune 50 company to cold-calling at start-ups. He's most likely to be planning his next flying adventure.


Kristi Machicek
Director of Campaigns

Kristi is our native Austinite, so she's as genuine as they come. You'll likely find her traveling across the world or honing in on her culinary skills.


Nicole Wilson
Account Manager

Nicole is our accountability and organization queen. You'll likely catch her crushing it on the tennis court or planning her next hiking adventure.


Josh Blunt
Business Development Director

Josh always positive, always helpful and likes to lift heavy things. He's most likely to win a pizza eating competition


Elsie Akaduh
Social Media Specialist

Elsie is our in-house Texas Longhorn and is as creative and thoughtful as the come.


Our Extended Team

Kelsey Reaves
SEO Guru
Eric Pulsifer
Content Marketer
Jillian Smith
Senior Copywriter
Catherine DeStasio
Senior Copywriter
Mason Miller
Senior Copywriter
Brandon Curkan
Technical Copywriter
Alyssa Cuda
Content Specialist

Working With Us

Smart onboarding so we can get down to business.

We start every relationship with a structured approach to understanding you, your goals, products and services, customers, competitors. We’ll dig into what’s working, what isn’t and where big opportunities exist. Once aligned on where we’re going, we quickly get to work getting there—measuring progress and adjusting accordingly.

We think and operate like insiders.

We consider ourselves an extension—not replacement—of your team. That means we’re here to enhance the resources you already have. We’ve been in your seat, and we understand the importance of delivering value where you need it, not disrupting or re-inventing what already works just for the sake of making a mark. We focus on desired outcomes, not activities.

Data take the wheel.

When you invest in any marketing program, you want clear, actionable data to drive maximum impact. We’ll provide the dashboards you need to do that, and to report your results to leadership and other stakeholders.

Our Values


Integrity First

We are hands-on and accountable, standing behind every commitment. We succeed on the strength of our work as well as the character of our people.

It’s what turns clients into partners and partners into friends.


Courageous Candor

It takes clear, honest insights to solve problems and make progress. We make the right recommendations, not the easy ones.

Count on us to always be honest with you—and ourselves.


Authentic Over Expected

We are creatives, doers and thinkers bringing ideas and execution—not egos—to challenges. We’re veterans with beginners’ hearts.

While data drives us, we’re always ready to test the surprising or unconventional and keep learning.


Eternal Optimism

Our clients have the courage to disrupt the status quo with solutions that improve how companies do business, and sometimes even boldly change the whole world. We passionately help them grow and do more.

That means optimistically operating from a place of, “Yes, we can” and believing win-for-all solutions are always figureoutable.


Big. Impactful. Action.

We ask the right questions to understand your unique goals and identify what will deliver the biggest payoff. Our approach is always measured and thoughtful—guided by experience, best practice and data.

We believe big impact takes passion, smart actions and the flexibility to fine-tune and pivot when necessary.


Easy to Work With

Our passion is clear, our success documented and our spirit contagious. That gives our clients confidence that goals will be reached, commitments met and execution is in able hands. We’re a welcomed extension of your team, not a replacement for your internal talent.

We help you do more with what you have. It’s great work everyone feels good about.

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